Twitter Blocker

With the changes to Twitter's API, all the old tools to let you block everyone who liked a certain tweet or follows a certain account have broken. I've written a script to replace the old tools.

First, press to copy the script to your clipboard.

Then go to Twitter and pull up the list of people who liked the tweet or follows the account in question. (If you're on a phone, you will need to do this in a web browser, not the Twitter app.)

Followers can be found by clicking on "followers" on that person's profile. For likes, open the post engagements either by clicking the three dots in the top right corner and "view post engagements" or by clicking the retweet button and "view quotes". Then click over to the "likes" tab.

Go to the URL bar and type "javacript:", paste the text from your clipboard, and press enter.

It takes 0.5-2 seconds per account (depends on your internet speed), so it may take a few minutes if there are a lot of accounts. Unfortunately Twitter is designed in a weird way that makes the script stop working if you leave the tab, so you'll need to stay there while it runs. (You can however go to a different window on a desktop computer and it will continue running in the background.)

This script may break in the future as Twitter changes its UI design. If you notice that it no longer works, or you have any suggestions for improvement, please leave a comment or contact me in some other way.

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